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Fabrication Enterprises Inc
IontoPatch™ is an extended time-released electronic transdermal drug delivery system. An innovative, self-contained battery produces an electric curr...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
4-Pack Hydrocollator
Relief Pak® Heating Unit, 4-Pack Capacity, Stationary, 110V:
The Relief Pak® Heating Unit 4-Pack Capacity effectively...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
6-Pack Hydrocollator
Relief Pak® Heating Unit, 6-Pack Capacity, Stationary, 110V:
The Relief Pak® Heating Unit 6-Pack Capacity effectively...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
8-Pack Hydrocollator
Relief Pak® Heating Unit, 8-Pack Capacity, Mobile, 110V:
The Relief Pak® Heating Unit 8-Pack Capacity effectively hea...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
12-Pack Hydrocollator

Relief Pak® Heating Unit, 12-Pack Capacity, Mobile, 110V:
The Relief Pak® Heating Unit 12-Pack Capacity effec...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
24-Pack Hydrocollator

Relief Pak® Heating Unit, 24-Pack Capacity, Mobile, 110V:
The Relief Pak® Heating Unit 24-Pack Capacity effec...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
2-Piece Mobile Floor Sitter
Comes with feeder seat and mobile base. Individual may be moved without re-positioning.

Catalog No's. with descriptions
30-1170 sm...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
3-piece mobile floor sitter
Comes with feeder seat, floor sitter wedge and flat mobile base. Wedge is secured to base with velcro. Individual may be moved without re-positionin...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Anterior (push) Safety Rollers
Pediatric Anterior Safety Rollers are available in four sizes to accommodate children from early childhood through young adult-hood. Adjustability an...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
barrel roll
The multi-colored barrel roll is ideal for the development of balance, body awareness and coordination, as well as for a variety of games.

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Baseline® Plastic 360 degree Goniometer
Clear plastic permits observation of joint's axis of motion, and its range of motion. The 360° head has three scales calibrated to be used with the I...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Baseline® Stainless Steel Finger Goniometer
Baseline® stainless steel goniometer measures range-of-motion of finger joints (metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal) and other small joints, inclu...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Bath Bench
Height adjustable (14-20") bath bench has drainage holes in seat and back. Blow molded bench and back provide comfort and strength. Lightweight alum...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Bi-Height Wedge
Position at a higher or lower height. High molded sides give lateral support. Positioning strap provides support. Accommodates abductor.

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Classroom Seat
Built-in abductor and contoured interior provide lateral trunk support and shoulder protraction. Adjustable neck stabilizer maintains head in mid-lin...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Comet Anterior (push)
The Comet anterior gait trainer is height adjustable and folds for convenient storage and transport. Speed and direction can be controlled with the v...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Contour Wedge System
2 sided wedge; One smooth, one contoured with high molded sides for passive support ("nestles" patient into proper alignment). Smaller wedge "interlo...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Convertible crawl box
This 2-in-1 product converts from a 2 foot by 8 foot folding mat to a 2-foot cube. Use to develop gross motor skills.

Catalog No. 31-2...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Cuff Weight
The Cuff weight contours to snugly fit ankles, wrists, and even thighs. Its long Velcro closure strap assures a secure and comfortable fit even durin...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Deluxe Strap Wedge
Without the removable straps, the deluxe wedge functions just like the standard Skillbuilders wedge. The 5" wide velcro positioning straps provide su...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Digi-Flex Finger Exerciser
* Five color-coded units with graduated resistances available

* Allows measurement of initial strength and patient progress


Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Dolphin Pediatric Bathing Chair
Comfortable and stable adjustable bathing chair fits all standard tubs. The basic chair includes an adjustable headrest, lap belt, and trunk support....

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Double Curved Shoulder Arc
Allows customizing program for people with limited ROM. Moving the colored tabs from one side of the arc to the other achieves full upper extremity R...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
EIP™ Early Intervention Positioner
EIP™ creatively positions pediatric patient using a combination of standard components: log, half roll with semi-circular supports, contoured wedge an...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Facilitation Massager
Battery operated with one speed (105cps). Two C cells fit into plastic handle....

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Feeder Seat
Provides basic positioning. Seat has built-in abductor, posturally correct contoured interior and a safety harness.

Catalog No's.

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Floor Sitter
Comes with feeder seat and floor sitter wedge. Seat is secured to wedge with velcro, allowing adjustment from upright to reclining position.

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Foam Rollers
Foam rollers are perfect for positioning, balance, postural, muscle reeducation, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, ranging and st...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Group activity units
Effective aids for vestibular activities, strength development programs and social interaction. Use in a wide variety of program settings from develo...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Half rolls
Half rolls offer stability of a wedge with positioning versatility of rolls. Velcro hook on flat bottom can be used to anchor roll for additional sec...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Handtool Dexterity Test
This test measures proficiency in using ordinary mechanic's tools. The test consists of tools and two upright bolts. The object is to disassemble all ...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Inflatable Ball Pit
Inflate to specified height and diameter. ball pit can be deflated for convenient storage. The balls individually provide tactile stimulation; in mass...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
J-Type™ prone extension scooter
Abductor, chest positioner, 2 half-moon shapes and positioning strap. "Wheels" position child. Abductor keeps legs from scissoring. Push or pull wi...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Long Ring Manual Timer
Rings after pre-set period of time elapses. The inexpensive timer has a long ring time. 60 minute timer.


Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Marvel Mobile Free Stander
Simple and effective, the Marvel free stander provides vertical alignment and upright support. t is easy to assemble, adjust and reposition. It offe...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Mini- Massager
For hypersensitivity that can result from nerve injuries to the hand. Ideal for scar massage, desensitization, muscle stimulation, oral stimulation a...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
This widely used test measures capacity for simple but rapid eye-hand-finger movement. This is particularly applicable in shop and office occupations ...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Mobile Potty Seat
Use as freestanding commode or position over toilet. Positioning features of the classroom seat, utilitarian features of commode chair. Seat, adjust...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
MPS™ multiple positioning system
MPS™ achieves almost any positioning alternative by using combinations of standard components: wedges, abductors, rectangles, trapezoids, quarter roll...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Panel-Sided Ball Pit
Expandable, portable and safe. The side panels (48" x 26") are solid with foam padding and nylon reinforced vinyl cover. Panels connect with lace-up g...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Panel-sided ball pit
-Sensory environment pit-

Expandable, portable and safe. Side panels (48"Lx26"h) are sold with foam padding and nylon reinforced vinyl c...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Pilates Yoga Mat
Standard benefits of Airex products: -warm and comfortable to the touch -superb cushioning -light-weight and easy to roll up -hygienic through Sanitiz...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Posterior (pull) Safety Roller
Supports user from behind, and therefore, requires the child to procure a more upright posture and it also promotes trunk extension. Accessories incl...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
ProStretch's unique stretching system, formulated to exercise both legs simultaneously. ProStretch can improves balance, proprioception, and lower ext...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Purdue Pegboard Test
The Purdue Pegboard Test was first developed by Joseph Tiffin, Ph.D., an Industrial Psychologist at Purdue University in 1948. Since that time, this d...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Adaptive shape for rolling and rocking movements, coordination and vestibular training and positioning. All except the 4-inch diameter roll have a so...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Rotary Massager
Hand held massager. Large handles support massager when used as a floor unit to massage feet.

Catalog Numbers:
14-1000; single ...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Scooter boards
Round board has padded non-slip top with hand loops for security and to help prevent "pinched" fingers. Square has padded top.

Catalog N...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Seat with Mobile Base
Seat, adjustable footrest and tray, and box-type mobile base. Base raises seat to preferred height. Individual may be moved without repositioning. <...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Seat with Tray and Footrest
Seat, adjustable footrest and adjustable tray. Tray provides a surface for feeding and other activities. Footrest adjusts to maintain hip, knee and ...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Semi-Circular Pegboard
For people with hand injuries, neurological involvement or orthopedic injuries. Increase upper extremity ROM, strength, coordination and endurance, o...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Sidelyer positioning system
Includes padded base with backrest and positioning strap. Optional two-piece block set can be used for leg abduction or as a headrest.


Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Single Head Massager
Two-speed action with a large or small head. Soothing heat available on large head model.

14-1030 small
14-1031 large

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Skillbuilders® crawler
Height adjustable child crawler promotes crawling movements when patients need added body support. Should be used to treat children who have difficul...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Skillbuilder® protective helmets
A protective helmet should be worn to protect the special needs child from dangers of physical activity, potential strike hazards (floor, wall, furnit...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Star Posterior (pull)
The Star gait posterior trainer is height adjustable and folds for convenient storage and transport. Speed and direction can be controlled with the v...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Taylor Hammer
Used to elicit responses during examination. The Taylor Percussion Hammer features a large 7-1/2" chrome steel handle and triangular rubber head.

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from xx-soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to extra-firm for developing a stronger gr...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Turbo-X™ prone extension scooter
Limited mobility is achieved by pushing or pulling with arms and legs. Removable front and rear panels permit involvement. Abductor keeps legs from ...

Fabrication Enterprises Inc
Wartenburg Neurological Pinwheel
Used to elicit cutaneous sensory and pain perception responses.

  • Stainless steel handle with textured grip
  • Rotating spur
  • Overa...

  • Fabrication Enterprises Inc
    WaxWel Paraffin Bath
    WaxWel Paraffin Bath - Standard Unit Includes 65 Liners, 1 Mitt, 1 Bootie

    The WaxWel Paraffin Bath is the ideal heat therapy solution for...

    Fabrication Enterprises Inc
    Wedges are an ideal positioning device for physically involved children. They are also a versatile shape for gross motor activities like tumbling, ro...

    Fabrication Enterprises Inc
    White Foam Rollers
    White Foam Rollers

    Standard White Foam Rollers are cylindrical in shape, lightweight and made of a high quality foam. Use the foam roller...

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