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System 4 MVP


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brochure_system4_16054.pdf  System 4 Brochure
brochure_sports_injury_risk_management_16095.pdf  Sports Injury Risk Management Brochure
datasheet_system4_hamstring_protocol_15215.pdf  Sports Injury Hamstrings
datasheet_system4_users_13276.pdf  System 4 Users


Versatility and marketability
System 4 is dependable and versatile – providing the means to take on new challenges and be adaptable to keep pace with progressive thinking and innovation.

Sports and Orthopedic Medicine
Whether your orthopedic and sports medicine practice is allowed only limited visits or you have the luxury of managing a complete recovery, Biodex is the tool that adapts to every environment. Evidence-based clinical protocols combine science with practical application to ensure that you provide the best outcomes.

Hamstring Injury
Knee Osteoarthritis
Lateral Ankle Sprains
Patellofemoral Dysfunction
Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Other capabilities include preseason screening, injury prevention and athletic performance enhancement.

Pediatric Medicine
Used to treat children worldwide, Isokinetic muscle testing helps clinicians by providing objective data for neuromuscular control and strength. Pediatric attachments and age-based normative data are available. View normative data for quadriceps and hamstrings in children ages 6-13 years.

Neurorehabilitation Read more
For the management of persons with movement disorders, neurologic pathologies, or general deconditioning; an Integrated Protocol Using Instrument. The system helps patients build strength, endurance and coordination. Spasticity management includes objective quantification at specific contraction. Use Passive mode for repetitive exercises. Eccentric mode is useful for controlled strengthening.

NEW Upper extremity attachments for hemiparetic patients.

Military Strength Training
Used by military special forces for injury prevention and performance optimization.
Strength testing identifies residual deficits and predisposition for repeat injury.

Occupational Medicine/Workplace Health Read more
For many industries today, poor muscular strength constitutes a risk factor for on-the-job injuries, and can predict susceptibility to many diseases. Today’s workforce is older and more obese – characteristics expected to present increasing injury and illness challenges. Many workers display a loss of up to 30% of their muscle mass as early as age 55 – and may be unable to meet the physical demands of some jobs in as little as 5 years.

As a result, industry executives require objective tools to determine whether prospective employees possess the muscular strength necessary to safely meet the demands of the positions for which they’ve applied. The Biodex System 4 Dynamometer provides objective, reproducible measures that can be correlated with the physical demands of different jobs, as determined by the Department of Labor. Such pre-employment testing enables companies to assess whether job applicants will become true assets to their workforce – or present risks of injuries, absenteeism and susceptibility to disease.

Older Adult
Biodex Fall Risk Program has been employed by leading clinics for over ten years. They are the only fall programs that incorporates a complete array of objective tests. Isokinetic testing will identify weakness; exercise will improve ankle and leg strength.

The Biodex Multi-Joint System has been used in over 1,000 published studies. Unique capabilities include:

Analog Signal Access Interface This optional feature provides real time analog voltage outputs of torque, position and velocity from the dynamometer. Perfect for integration with EMG devices.
Customized Motor Control through the use of the Researcher’s Tool Kit provides advanced investigator direct access to the embedded dynamometer systems. The core is an extension to the System 4 firmware which exposes the motor controls to an external interface designed by the researcher.
Curve Analysis allows the user to conduct complete neuromuscular evaluation.


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852-000 System 4 MVP     Add to Quotation Queue
830-520 Closed Chain Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-450 Back, Dual Position Ex/Flex Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-269 Work Simulation Tools     Add to Quotation Queue
830-332 Ankle Attachment for System 3 & 4     Add to Quotation Queue
831-322 Ankle Attachment for System 2     Add to Quotation Queue
830-322 Shoulder Input Tube     Add to Quotation Queue
830-315 Hip Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-260 Anti-Shear, Left Pivot Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-261 Anti-Shear, Right Pivot Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-474 Pediatric Left Knee Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-475 Pediatric Right Knee Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
821-321 Pediatric Shoulder Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-550 Hamstring Attachment Set     Add to Quotation Queue
830-316 Pediatric Hip Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-320 Seat Back Brace Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
830-113 Chair Wedge     Add to Quotation Queue
830-120 Wide Seat     Add to Quotation Queue
830-451 Back, Docking Clamp, Quick-Set Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue
890-130 Isomap Graphical Imaging Software     Add to Quotation Queue
830-107 Interface Kit, EMG     Add to Quotation Queue
830-109 Interface Software     Add to Quotation Queue
830-540 UE Hemiparetic Attachment     Add to Quotation Queue


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